General Science links

3rd grade science - This page has a lot of links to 3rd grade science web activities.

Skeletal System

Living Skeleton - X-ray pictures and photography of real skeletons, organized by area of the body. This would be great for a lab research project or for classroom projection.
Skeleton quiz - This page has a quiz of the skelton that can be either fill-in-the-blank or drop-and-drag.
Joints - Neat BBC site with animated examples of different types of joints.
Skeleton game - Another BBC site. This one is a neat flash game where students have to place the bone in the right place on the body.

Plant Growth and Adaptations

What Tree Is It? - make your unit on plants local. This site helps students identify trees. Great for going outside and actually looking at the things you are studying. Most schools have wireless Internet, so if you can, take the laptop outside and use this site to identify the trees around your school.

Earth/Moon/Sun System

Interactive Solar System - This interactive fact sheet lets students click on various planets in the solar system to learn facts about them.