The Art of PowerPoint

Here are some ideas and resources from our cybercollege class

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Feel free to download these handouts and look at them on computer or print them out. To download, right click on the link and select save target as . . . If your computer can't open these files, you should install Adobe Reader

- This handout is a copy of the one from the workshop and details the tips on making a better presentation

- This handout walks you through creating a simple PowerPoint in Office 2003

- This handout from the University of Victoria has basic instructions on PowerPoint 2007


Here are some helpful web links on making presentations and making them better

PowerPoint Howto - This page from Colgate University has quick tutorials on how to do tons of basic powerpoint actions.

Death to Bad Powerpoint- This page is a Powerpoint on how to not do bad PowerPoint. Look at some of the other links on the page for good ideas

Presentation Zen - This is a blog devoted to making presentations better by using concepts from Zen.
this page talks about a few of the concepts we mentioned.

Really Bad Powerpoint - this blog entry covers a lot of what we talked about.

The Kawasaki Method- Here's one expert who suggests making your presentations a "top ten" list.

Powerpoint Bad for Brains - A great story about how research shows that bad PowerPoint is actually bad for your brain!
And remember, Be like Steve Jobs, not Bill Gates.